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Inspired by a true story. When a desperate pastor hires a washed-up singer to build a new church, the preacher’s kid with a gift for music trades secret guitar lessons for hiding the man’s drinking. The town, the church and the pastor are forced to react.

Film is now complete! Additional funds will be used for distribution costs. 

Funding Progress | $425,000 of $795,000
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Wayfaring Stranger

In 1970’s rural America, a 12-year-old pastor’s son and his family befriend a middle-aged, broken-down, country singer who helps the boy embrace his musical calling and the pastor build a new church. Former country singer, Glenn Frank, becomes a part of the Clark family by secretly teaching young Lance to play the guitar and working side-by-side Pastor Doyle, all while wrestling his demons of alcohol abuse. His untimely death brings the community together to finish the project and unite a new Church family. Inspired by a true story.



Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin is an American actor, producer, and author, born on May 12, 1966, in Massapequa, New York. He is best known for his roles in various films and television shows, as well as for being part of the Baldwin acting family, which includes his brothers Alec, Daniel, and William Baldwin.

Baldwin gained recognition for his performances in both dramatic and comedic roles. Some of his notable film credits include:

"The Usual Suspects" (1995): Baldwin played the role of Michael McManus in this critically acclaimed crime thriller directed by Bryan Singer.

"Bio-Dome" (1996): He starred alongside Pauly Shore in this comedy film, which follows two slackers who find themselves trapped in a scientific experiment within a biodome.

"The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas" (2000): Baldwin portrayed Barney Rubble in this prequel to the live-action adaptation of the popular animated series.

"Fled" (1996): Baldwin starred alongside Laurence Fishburne in this action film where they play two prisoners who are on the run after escaping from custody.

"Threesome" (1994): In this romantic comedy, Baldwin played the role of Stuart, one of three college roommates dealing with complex relationships.

Apart from his work in film, Stephen Baldwin has appeared in various television shows, including guest roles in series like "Homicide: Life on the Street" and "The Young Riders." He has also participated in reality television, such as "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" and "Celebrity Apprentice."

In addition to his acting career, Baldwin is a devout Christian and has been involved in various faith-based projects and ministries. He's known for his outspoken beliefs and activism.

Stephen Baldwin's career has spanned decades, and he has left his mark on the entertainment industry through his performances and unique personality. While he might not be as prominent as some of his siblings, he has carved out his own niche and continues to be a recognizable figure in Hollywood.

Bethany Anne Lind

Bethany Anne Lind is best known for her arc as the pregnant pastor's wife Grace Young, in the first season of Ozark and as Molly Quinn in Hulu's short-lived Reprisal. She's also known for her work in indie features such as "Blood On Her Name" opposite Will Patton, "Through the Glass Darkly" opposite Robin Lively, and "Lilly" playing Patricia Clarkson's daughter. Bethany grew up in North Carolina the oldest of five children in a creative family, and has made a home in Atlanta where she has worked for much of her career. She is also a widely sought after theatre actor with credits in regional theatres from Signature Theatre, LaJolla Playhouse, Arena Stage, Alliance Theatre and others.

Jeff Dernlan

Popular actor Cameron Arnett is known for his work with faith-based and family-friendly projects, but is probably best-loved for his dramatic portrayal of blind and hospitalized diabetic Thomas Hill in the film “Overcomer” ($38M worldwide). Cameron plays the plucky college scout who discovers Katelyn in “I CAN,” and champions her athletic career.

An award-winning actor in television, film, and theater, Cameron hails from Port-Au-Prince Haiti. He is also an author, speaker, film director, producer, and voice over artist, and has appeared in at least 35 films in the last ten years.

Cameron’s television credits include NBC’s “Miami Vice,” Fox’s “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” ABC’s “China Beach,” and “Doogie Howser MD, “ VH1’s “Single Ladies,” and Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns.” He has appeared on nearly every major network.



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At Kappa Distribution, we strive to ensure absolute transparency and fairness for all those who contribute financially to our films. This includes both those who have supported the film’s production and those who contribute to its marketing and distribution. Therefore, we reject the conventional Hollywood financial models where only a few individuals receive the majority of the revenue generated by the film, leaving the vast majority with little to no compensation. Instead, with Kappa Distribution, we all share in the revenues from the very first dollar generated until the last.
When a film is distributed, there are myriad revenue streams that generate income, such as theatrical releases, digital streaming, and foreign sales. The majority of the revenue (approximately 70%) is earned within the first year after the film’s release. By the end of the second year, approximately 90% of the film’s total revenue will be received, with the remaining 10% trickling in during the third year and beyond.
As our mission at Kappa Distribution is to impact the culture for Christ, we believe it is crucial to assist filmmakers in achieving financial success so that they can continue creating films that make a positive impact on the culture. Therefore, after decades of experience and years of prayer, we firmly believe that the following financial model is in the best interest of all parties involved:
Initially, all revenues generated through the film’s distribution will be split as follows:
  • Marketing & Distribution funders 40% (prorated)
  • Filmmaker/Film funders 35%
  • Kappa Distribution 25%
Once the marketing & distribution funders are made whole, revenues are split as follows for the duration of the agreement:
  • Marketing & Distribution funders 10% (prorated)
  • Filmmaker/Film funders 70%
  • Kappa Distribution 20%

Are you a fund? If so, the profits from the finances you provide can go back into your fund.

Funding Progress

$425,000 of $795,000
Episode 1



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Funds will be used for MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION (P&A). If you are considering funding all or part of the P&A, a private link of the film available upon request.


What is Kappa Studios?

Kappa Studios is a Burbank, California based post-production service provider for film and television for over 25 years. In 2016, the company shifted its focus exclusively to faith and family-friendly content.

What is Kappa's role in film and television production?

Kappa Studios is a post-production entity responsible for creating the final versions of films or TV shows. They also deal directly with film and TV outlets including theaters, TV stations, and streaming platforms.

What is Kappa Distribution?

Kappa Distribution is a new entity launched by Kappa Studios to formalize their status as faith and family content aggregators. They act as a conduit between Christ-centered content creators and outlets, aiming to influence the world with media that points people to Christ.

What challenges do Kappa Studios help solve?

Kappa Studios helps content creators who lack the necessary funds to complete their projects. They launched The Christian Film Finishing Fund (CFFF), a 501c3 fund that receives tax-deductible donations for the completion of these projects.

What is the mission of Kappa Studios in conjunction with The Christian Film Finishing Fund (CFFF)?

The mission has three main goals:
  1. Acceleration: Expedite the completion of Christ-advancing film and TV projects.
  2. Quality: Utilize their extensive experience to ensure projects are completed with excellence.
  3. Repetition: Free content creators from the need to raise funds or find distribution, so they can focus on creating more projects.

What happens with the profits from gospel-advancing film and TV projects?

Financial profits received from CFFF film or TV projects are placed back into the donor's non-profit donor advised fund or back into the CFFF. No financial profits can be legally returned directly to the donor.

What is the Kappa Studios impact investment model?

Kappa Studios has an innovative financial model where, after distribution income is received, this income is divided between the content creator (40%), the impact investor (40%), and Kappa Distribution (20%). Once the investor has received a 100% return, the split changes to 75% for the content creator, 10% for the investor, and 15% for Kappa Distribution.

How can I donate to The Christian Film Finishing Fund?

You can make a tax-deductible donation to The Christian Film Finishing Fund through their donation platform.

Who do I contact for more information about Kappa Studios?

For more information, you can contact Brad Silverman at [email protected].

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