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From helping make movies to helping change hearts. 

Kappa Impact provides a vehicle for people to become active participants in the Great Commission, infiltrating the largest mission field possible in current times. People spend 7-8 hours per day watching film, TV & video content. Partnering with Kappa Impact allows you to step into someone’s life, through God-honoring projects, and on a potential daily basis.

Through Kappa Impact, YOU can be a part of changing someone’s life for eternity!




A team of undercover human trafficking investigators race to locate and rescue trafficking victims by assisting local, state, and federal authorities in capturing their traffickers. Together, they confront the grueling and emotional challenge of finding modern-day slaves, gathering evidence for trafficker arrests, and preventing future exploitation.

Amazing Grace


Written over 250 years ago, Amazing Grace remains the most famous English hymn in history. This powerful documentary takes us on a journey through the remarkable yet contradictory life of John Newton – and the surprising story behind his song.  

The Short Game

Jeremy Avery is vying for a college golf scholarship, but his preparation and game are affected by family pressures related to his younger autistic brother Ethan. Jeremy’s path leads him on a journey of discovery both internal and of his brother’s savant like gifts, that if embraced can create an unstoppable pair.

Vindication Season 4


An episodic crime-drama series that follows the small-town investigative work of Detective Travis, Vindication alters the perception of faith-based entertainment.



A sweet-natured teenager and her headstrong little sister, abandoned by their outlaw father, reach out for help from their wayward brother, who remains haunted by the sins of his past.

American Engineuity


Rodney Rucker builds cars. Not just any cars, but the biggest, most outrageous driving machines that anyone can imagine. Rodney has assembled a colorful and ingenious team to “WOW” the crowds and shock the world with their unique creations.

Wayfaring Stranger


Inspired by a true story. When a desperate pastor hires a washed-up singer to build a new church, the preacher’s kid with a gift for music trades secret guitar lessons for hiding the man’s drinking. The town, the church and the pastor are forced to react. 

Do Life Big


The Grammy nominated singer is the role model of singleness and purity to millions of young women worldwide. But then the unexpected happens in the form of handsome prince Aaron Collins.


Break The Cycle


Based on a true story. Prompted by God’s improbable leading, Cyril Prabhu establishes a unique and extraordinary approach to reconnect children with their imprisoned fathers.

His Only Son

After being called on by the Lord, Abraham’s faith is tested on his three day journey to sacrifice his son. 

HIS ONLY SON shocked Hollywood by opening in theaters at #3 in the box office!

I Can

Based on the incredible true story. A young couple has an adulterous affair, and the result is pregnancy. They abandon their respective spouses and begin life together. But when their precious Katelyn is born only has one fully-formed arm…. 

Paul's Promise

The inspiring true story of Paul Holderfield, a bigoted firefighter – turned pastor, who started one of the first integrated churches in the American South.

Current and Previous Projects



After 25 years of serving secular Hollywood, Kappa Studios of Burbank, CA made the decision to move its film and TV post-production experience, technology, and resources exclusively toward God-honoring content. Watch our 5 min. video >

Black Ice


Fresh out of a three year prison stint, Robert faces an unexpected challenge: forming a hockey team in an all-black urban neighborhood. Facing discrimination in a predominantly all-white sport, Robert looks for strength and victory in his faith.

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